Techgenius New Reader
5/23/20 11:41 a.m.

Something strange happened to me over the past couple of seasons.

I suspect, like most everyone, else I used ride for the descents. The climbs were a means to an end. I have my favourites in the area that are a blast.

Sure, I felt a sense of achievement when cresting a hill. Out of breath and maybe a little wobbly but now I get to fly down the other side.

But recently - I'm not sure when - I realized I was seeking out the hills for the climb itself. The ride down the other side is still a lot of fun but the accomplishment comes from the climb.

Anyways, just a random thought before I go out today... Mayb 

Update: My issue has been solved, thank you.
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rustybuckets Reader
5/24/20 7:49 a.m.

In reply to Techgenius :

You're disgusting and I hate it. 

Just messin lol. Yeah, I get what you're saying- getting the skill/cardio to clear a new climb is a great feeling. Especially if not clearing it means hiking up, which is a level of defeat I truly hate lol. 

A lot of this is type 2 fun for me- kinda sucks when you do it, the memory is the fun part! 

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