carguy123 SuperDork
12/13/10 10:06 a.m.

Late last night I realized that I acquired an email issue immediately after ordering from Amazon.

I was checking my emails when I remembered I needed to order something online that I couldn't get from a real store. I did a search and found it thru Amazon (actually another company that works thru Amazon).

Because Amazon had a different method of ordering than I'd ever had in the past (some sort of instant order system that bypassed all the usual entering of data) I accidentally placed an order. I was actually trying to see the total bill to see what shipping costs were since they didn't break the costs out on the main page.

They said I'd get a confirmation email so I thought I'd just wait till then and cancel the order. NO CONFIRMATION EMAIL ARRIVED. This made me presumed the order hadn't taken because I never entered any of my personal data.

I received the order Friday. I didn't know I'd received the order til Sunday evening when my wife hands me the package and says I forgot to give you this.

The receipt inside had my correct shipping address and enough of the credit card info for me to know it had been billed to me, but it had a weird physical address for me. I scratched my head but said I got the stuff so it must be OK.

Later I was wondering what happened to that confirmation email and I realized that I hadn't gotten emails from 2 different email addys. I tried everything I could on my Mail program to try to begin receiving mails again and found out I could email from these accounts but I couldn't receive anything. I went online to my email provider and found that all my emails from those 2 accounts were being forwarded to a strange address at I got rid of that email address, turned off the forwarding and revoked my Security Certificate and I began receiving my emails again.

Since I'd been checking emails when I stopped to place the order I know they were working properly prior to then. Since the confirmation email didn't arrive that tells me my email was jacked on or about the time I placed the order. Also since the only 2 email accounts jacked were the email accounts that were in Amazon's system that makes me believe the issue originated with Amazon.

"They" had set up the forwarding so that it deleted the email once it was forwarded so I have no way to determine what personal info they might have made away with. My big worry is the confirmation email. I don't know if that allowed them the info to get into my Discover account.

We just checked our account and so far no bogus hits, but we'll be cancelling that card before the hour is up.

Strizzo SuperDork
12/13/10 11:07 a.m.

this happened to me around this time last year as well. was the same time that google was saying that the chinese were trying to hack their systems but weren't successful. apparently that wasn't entirely true. when they hit mine, they turned on the forwarding and delete, but the deleted emails were still in my trash folder, so i got them back and was able to see where they were attempting to ship my stuff to. got on the horn with Dell and paypal who didn't seem to understand that i DID NOT place the order, and they needed to recall the package. i ended up getting everything fixed and back to normal, but i was worried for a good while.

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