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thestig99 Dork
1/5/18 7:46 p.m.

I think my favorite was simply "CAR SEEMS TO LACK POWER". On an RO for a Vanagon. 

Closely behind:

"C/S Car making robot sex noises"

"C/S Vehicle struck by lightning, multiple warning lights on. Eval."

Hungary Bill
Hungary Bill UberDork
1/7/18 3:31 a.m.

(jet just returned from a mission)

Me: "Sir, how'd she fly?"

Officer:  "Great, no issues to report but that seat is REALLY uncomfortable!  Could you get someone to tilt it back 3 or 4 degrees?"

(It was an ejection seat)


same guy having a conversation in the ready room after a mission

Guy "...  yeah, but I still think we need TWO sidearms in case we have to eject or something"

(accidentally discharges sidearm in barrel of sand)


Same guy sitting in the back seat, delayed on the catapult (aircraft carrier) pulls out his magazine and starts unloading the bullets into his hand.  Thumbs up, power up, cat shot, bullets everywhere...  When we did the fod search we asked how many bullets he dropped (so we knew when to stop looking):  "I dunno, about half a handful"


His callsign became "Donny"



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