kazoospec UltraDork
6/12/19 4:01 p.m.

I'm sure this has been done before, but I can't find the old thread, so here's mine, with back story:

I'm driving home today from the store and get a green light, with no one in front of me.  Traffic sort of parts and I get to work the Miata through all 5 gears before coming up on traffic.  Just as the light turns: Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down spins up on the radio.  It was perfect.


My runner up: Driving in to work during a snow storm this winter (only to find out work was closed when I got there sad), I needed to turn off the main road onto a side road with DEEP snow on it.  In order to channel my "inner rally driver", the radio spins up "Panama".  I had Gran Turismo flashbacks and giggled as I was barreling through the snow.  

Floating Doc
Floating Doc SuperDork
6/12/19 6:13 p.m.

I was listening to an interview with the archivist from WNYU today about preserving their master recordings. The oldest was Lindbergh receiving a medal from the mayor in 1927. 

Then they took a break, which was filled in with the opening vocals to Chain of Fools. I shut off the radio, and pulled up the song at the next traffic light. The drive wasn't special, that is until that moment.

The actual guitar opening to the song is amazing. 


Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner MegaDork
6/12/19 6:22 p.m.

Not a driving tune, but the first day I listened to my first iPod it started to play "Battle without honor or humanity" just as I was walking into Home Depot. That's a bad combo.

aircooled MegaDork
6/12/19 7:20 p.m.

Didn’t actually happen, but in San Francisco driving to a friends house just after watching my car jump around in the garage after the Lima Prieta earthquake, I was thinking REM’s End Of The World As We Know It would have been perfect.

Wxdude10 - Mike
Wxdude10 - Mike Reader
6/12/19 8:00 p.m.

Roxette - Soul Deep.  I dare you to not drive fast to this song


My friend since jr high got a big speeding ticket to this song.  He stopped listening to it in the car after that...

KyAllroad (Jeremy)
KyAllroad (Jeremy) UltimaDork
6/12/19 8:49 p.m.

Shipping up to Boston will make you drive wayyy too fast.

In a gadda da vida is fairly righteous as well.

Spoolpigeon PowerDork
6/12/19 9:46 p.m.

On blast at every local autocross. 



californiamilleghia HalfDork
6/12/19 10:01 p.m.

Radar love while driving down the Autobahn.....

LA Woman while driving down the Harbour freeway past Downtown LA.....

Daylan C
Daylan C UltraDork
6/12/19 10:39 p.m.

Anywhere But Here - Killer Mike

Playing this while driving through town late at night under the street lights with very little traffic.

Numerous generic trucker songs on long road trips etc.

slowbird New Reader
6/12/19 10:52 p.m.

I started going through my music playlists for good driving songs, and as it turns out, a good number of them come from video games. Weird.

This song was on the soundtrack of The Crew, a video game about racing and driving across the USA, basically.


This song was on the Forza 2 soundtrack (as it says in the video) which was a really good soundtrack overall.

Here's one not from a video game, but a VHS video...I used to watch highlight a lot of off-road racing tapes like this as a kid.


red_stapler SuperDork
6/12/19 10:58 p.m.

Driving home at about 2AM from a 30th anniversary screening of Akira, open highway ahead, downtown Nashville lit up to my left, with this playing on the stereo:


Daylan C
Daylan C UltraDork
6/12/19 11:00 p.m.

Joker and The Thief - Wolfmother

Wolf Like Me - TV on The Radio

Pretty sure both of these were on the Need For Speed Carbon soundtrack.

Daylan C
Daylan C UltraDork
6/13/19 2:11 a.m.

In reply to slowbird :

Flirting with Disaster was however in Nascar '98. Probably the first racing game I ever played.

sleepyhead the buffalo
sleepyhead the buffalo Mod Squad
6/13/19 2:49 a.m.

This is one from my college days...

gonna edit and fill in some as I think of them, instead of postloading while everyone sleeps...

along the lines of ‘radar love’, and probably thanks to the movie AirAmerica which used to run on a loop on TBS (?):


dculberson UltimaDork
6/13/19 9:10 a.m.

This one's a little different.. I was driving on a twisty road late at night with fog rolling in late at night and Enya's Ebudae came on. It suited the mood perfectly. No it's not rock and roll but damn if it didn't feel like a late night foggy country road song.


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