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Curtis73 (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
9/15/20 1:49 p.m.

From my fireplace design thread (where you all did friggin brilliant work helping me with things) I have decided to go with a wider chase.  This means that my original method of hiding wires in the wall and using standard wall keystone plates is no longer viable.

Instead what I would like to do is use a keystone "strip" that is less obvious.  A picture first:

Disregard the older design... it's not what I'm using.  I just did this one quickly to have a reference for mantel shape.  

The plan for now is to hang the TV over the mantel and the A/V stuff inside the cabinet on the right.  Future plans include  the possibility of a projector with a retractable screen.  That way, when I'm not watching TV, the whole sexy chase is in view instead of being blocked by a big black screen.

What I'm looking for is a keystone system that uses a skinny strip instead of a rectangular wall plate.  I have a few 1U keystone strips, but they are way too long.  I have about 10" to play with.  I want to install it in place of one of the stones, painted like a stone, so that it looks kind of like a stone with ports in it for the A/V stuff.  I would take out the stone indicated by the blue arrow and install this A/V stone in it's place.

The customizing, I can handle.  Between me and my creative friends at the theater, the artistic part is covered.  I'm just looking for some kind of modular system that I can start with.

Only thing I've found so far is this:


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