Mndsm MegaDork
5/21/22 8:34 p.m.

Swmbo and I have been talking. With my upcoming attempt at self promotion (see my other post about social media) and her want to go out and do things, we need a camera. We both have (admittedly excellent) cell phone cameras courtesy of OnePlus. We're looking for something a little more serious. We don't have any specific NEEDS- but we do have a system of wants. 


Primary function- video. I'm not afraid of external microphones, but I'd be using it to supplement the host of cell phones I have laying around and the positively ancient GoPro hero3. 4k 60fps ideal, more is better. What I'd be shooting is pretty close up, so detail will be nice. 

Still image mp- the more the merrier. My phone is kind of shocking, it will shoot in 48mp, but the zoom is negligible at that level- see this picture of my latest pair of Oakley's for measure looks pretty good to me. Phone has a hasselblad lens, and while I don't know much about cameras, I know that name is pretty good as far as camera stuff goes. (It's a OnePlus 9 pro, if you wanna look it up)


Price? What does a good camera cost these days? I'm seeing "decent" vlogging units for $700 or so. Swmbos not too shook at the $1500 price point, I don't really want to get too far beyond that. 


Bonus points for equipment availability, ease of use, etc. 


What I DO know, it appears that I want something mirrorless. Based on what I can tell, it appears that those are geared more towards video and shoot stills as well. It also appears that they're slightly more affordable than DSLRs, though I have no idea how to quantify the cost/benefit ratio. They also appear to be slightly more compact, which means lighter? I have no idea. 

GeddesB Reader
5/21/22 9:48 p.m.

Don't forget the other do-dads and accoutrements for Vlogging.  External mics, lighting (if indoors), gimbal if you are shooting while walking etc.   The camera is only one component.  


Mndsm MegaDork
5/21/22 11:33 p.m.

In reply to GeddesB :

Yeah, the microphone is on my radar, but I (inexplicably, because I swear I'm half deaf) understand sound a lot more than I understand visual. The rest of the rigging I have plenty of, stable mounts, ring lights, other lights, and I built a steadycam mount for a friend out of PVC and hardware store junk at least once before...I imagine I can do it again. 

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