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billy3esq Dork
8/17/09 1:49 p.m.
Buzz Killington wrote:
andrave wrote: I love being a laywer on this board. You guys make me feel so warm and fuzzy.


friedgreencorrado wrote: What's the old joke? "..any nation that graduates three times as many lawyers as it does engineers & scientists *deserves* what it gets..."

I'd like to propose a system in which only those who have graduated as both get to vote.

wbjones Reader
8/17/09 4:09 p.m.
Josh wrote:
Trans_Maro wrote:
NYG95GA wrote: Seems like any reasonable judge would throw this out as a frivolous case anyway.
Any reasonable judge should've thrown out the "I didn't know coffee was hot" case too but.. here we are. Shawn
I hate when people bring up this case in discussions like this. There are a lot of frivolous lawsuits but IMO that wasn't one of them. It is reasonable to expect coffee to be hot. It is not reasonable to expect it to inflict the sort of injury that it did. Maybe the woman who brought the suit didn't 'deserve' to gain financially as much as she did, but the fact is that serving scalding liquids in flimsy paper cups through the window of a car is an unnecessarily dangerous practice. McDonalds policy was to serve coffee at a temperature they knew was dangerous, and someone was actually seriously injured as a result (and she was far from the first). If anything, preventing this sort of activity is exactly why we have the right to sue, not an example of the abuse of this right. If the award was very small, it wouldn't have much effect on a corporation the size of McDonalds.

sorry but have to disagree w/ you... no one but no one is stupid enough to think that between the legs is an appropriate place to put a just purchased hot cup of coffee

first off she got what she deserved then got compensated for being stupid

Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington Reader
8/17/09 6:11 p.m.
Jensenman wrote: I knew a guy here in Chucktown who would, if he was short on cash, sometimes go buy dinner somewhere or other, then go by in the next day or so and tell them he had gotten sick and suspected food poisioning. Of course the restaraunt manager would freak, put the crew to scrubbing the place top to bottom and offer him a few hundred bucks to drop the whole thing; anything so there wouldn't be an investigation because that could lose them the 'A' rating on the door decal. This guy used to do this every couple of months. Me, I quit hanging around him.

yeah, there are scumbags all over the place, and usually if they put half the effort that they seem to have for schemes into honest work instead, we'd all be better off. they're endlessly inventive, though, and so tough to legislate out of existence.

billy3esq wrote: I'd like to propose a system in which only those who have graduated as both get to vote.

FINALLY some sanity on this board.

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