tuna55 MegaDork
12/16/21 2:22 p.m.



I am used to Labview and NI-daq products from a past life. People here are not used to that level of instrumentation. I said to boss "Hey I need labview nd compact-daq and some cards" and he said fine. A colleague countered with DASYlab and Omega OMB-DAQ-3005.


I am not enjoying DASYlab, and I am not fully sure of its limitations. Also it has a silly name.


Can anyone help explain what it can't do, what the others can, and why I would want one over the other?


tuna55 MegaDork
12/17/21 8:20 a.m.

did I find the only thing that GRM doesn't know about?

alfadriver MegaDork
12/17/21 8:36 a.m.

In reply to tuna55 :

You may have.  I wonder how many others have sort of custom set ups for their data acquisition.  We do, even though it's commercially available- but it's more unique to vehicles.

Wish I could help, but my only experience with either is when a club member made an autocross timing system for us using Labview.  Huge step forward for us at the time WRT processing autocross results. 

Kendall_Jones Dork
12/17/21 9:32 a.m.

This is a seriously open ended question (and easy to answer yourself if you google the spec sheets :))

Are you looking to log data, control outputs, feedback, etc?  NI can be an alphabet and you create a language / world from there.  It can pretty much do whatever you want with enough programming and $$$.  We are a small company (testing) that keeps a full time guy who just does NI programming.

For the other products - I dont know much about them.  I'm pretty sure omega just rebadges / repackages other equipment with the omega logo, we have some flow meters that are duplicates of alicat flow meters.  If you're just looking to take data these may work.  NI stuff is really nice but comes with a really expensive price point.



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