PMRacing SuperDork
12/3/19 7:46 a.m.

Odd questions but I figured I'd anyone would have an answer it would be here.

1. My car has very nice leather seats. I treat them regularly with conditioner so they stay soft.  I also have a favorite leather jacket that I treat with the same conditioner. Put them together and there is constant squeaking when driving down the road when the leather jacket and seat move against each other. 

2. When I am in 6th gear, the leather shift boot bunches up in one spot and rubs against itself making a very annoying noise when cruising down the road. I can adjust the boot but I have to do it every time I shift to 6th. I have saturated it in conditioner trying to soften it up more too. 

Any suggestions on how to get the leather to quiet down?  Thanks!

jharry3 HalfDork
12/3/19 8:01 a.m.

I don't know "the answer" but if you have a saddle shop nearby or a place that has horse related clothing and supplies they usually have all kinds of leather preservation products and maybe advice on which to use.   Since I live in Texas its not hard to find this sort of establishment but I guess this isn't true everywhere.  

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