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GlennS HalfDork
8/11/09 12:26 a.m.

In reply to SVreX:


mtn Dork
8/11/09 8:26 a.m.

The most racist person I ever met was a young black man. I lived on a floor briefly with him last year. He introduced himself: "Hi, I'm (black name). I'm a professional singer, and I'm bisexual"
By the end of it, he thought I was a racist because I didn't like Obama, liked country music (ironically the next song on my playlist when he said that was Charlie Pride), and really disliked him.
He accused me of being in the KKK. I just had to laugh at that. Looking at my five closest friends, one is Jewish, one is gay, and one is a black gay. Yeah. They'd really love me.

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