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fornetti14 Dork
1/4/21 11:04 a.m.

Do you have a radio available?  Not the upper screen display, I'm talking about the unit under the center vents (it's all buttons and it should include the heated seat buttons & hazzard flasher button).

dculberson MegaDork
9/21/21 9:24 a.m.

Yikes, sorry I didn't keep up with this. Fornetti, although you likely don't need it, the radio did sell a good while ago.

I did get the engine and transmissions sold, though it took longer than I would have liked and didn't get me quite as much as I hoped. Trans went for $650 and engine went for $550. I have been playing with pricing and such, trying to get things moved. I'd like to free up the shelves the parts are on, not for any specific purpose, but because they've been loaded with Mercedes parts for [checks first page] dear lord going on 3 years now?! Anyway, I've moved quite a bit but still have more of course. I think I could empty one shelving unit if I rearranged.

If I scrapped all the parts left, I'd consider this a financial win. It took a lot longer than I had hoped due to the Mercedes parts just not selling as fast as prior cars I've done. In the past, my delays in pulling and listing the parts was the bottleneck. For this car, the parts sitting for sale and not selling was the bottleneck.

My awesome new totals:

Purchase price incl fees    $2428
Towing    $62
eBay fees    $829.20
Total costs    $3319.2
Parts sales    $9814
Net    $6494.8

Of couse that doesn't include the opportunity cost of two large shelving units loaded with parts and two rolling carts with engine and transmission on them for 3 years. But it wasn't space I was going to use for anything else productive.

I do still have $1000 in parts listed. And I have the exhaust laying around somewhere that didn't sell - I think I'll cut the catalytic converters off and sell them for scrap. It's shocking what those are worth.

DrBoost MegaDork
9/21/21 9:56 a.m.

What vehicle(s) do you consider to be the sweet spot between purchase price and sales price/time?

dculberson MegaDork
9/21/21 10:04 a.m.

In reply to DrBoost :

Well, I've only done a few, but the MR2 was probably the fastest selling. I think because there are so few of them that sold in the US and the people that do own them are enthusiasts. In addition to the MR2 and Mercedes, I've totally parted out a Honda Accord, Lexus GS400, and a 1966 Bonneville. I've sold a few car parts here and there off other cars, but those are the ones I've reduced to nothing but car parts and scrap metal. The Lexus had solid demand for almost everything. The Bonneville went well due to rarity. The Accord I made a ton of local parts sales that helped get rid of stuff fast. I feel like if you wanted to do the same car multiple times so you had an easy way to inventory and sell things, the MR2 spyder would be a good place to start. But I think any enthusiast car would be good, especially if it's rare-ish. Too rare and your market and availability of wrecks is too small. Too common and parts aren't worth anything or move too slowly.

Since I was in the midst of parting out the Mercedes, I let a wrecked 2005 MR2 Spyder go by for cheap (covered on page 2 on this thread). This has worked out well and been a learning experience, but if I go to part another car I would probably go for another one of those. Or something else that I would be more enthused about, like a Boxster, Miata, Mustang or similar fun car.

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