yupididit UltraDork
1/26/19 11:08 a.m.

My coworker was trying to buy a used 2018 Camry with 8k miles on it. He wanted a Camry SE with a cpo warranty. After he looked at the car etc he thought it was an le but they said it was an se. He believed them and bought it. Not only was the car an le but they told him it was a cpo car but it wasn't. I asked him if he had any cpo certification paperwork but all he has is an ext warranty that they added on and charged him for. He's taking the car back today and they're trying to make it right by putting him in a real 2018 se for the same price. He also canceled the ext warranty they sold him. In my opinion, I say move on and give them the car back since they're trying to be tricky. But, if they honestly want to make it right then I guess it can't hurt. I'll try to go with him today, he's a laid back island boy vs me being assertive and confrontational when I smell a scam lol

My question is, what's the benefit of Toyota cpo warranty vs an ext warranty you buy from the dealer.


Caveat; he couldn't tell you a dodge charger from a ford explorer. This is his first car ever.

AngryCorvair MegaDork
1/26/19 11:18 a.m.

In reply to yupididit :

I have Nothing Toyota-specific to add, but good on you for helping him out / educating him.

pushrod36 Reader
1/26/19 12:00 p.m.

My very limited understanding is that CPO is an extension of the factory warranty and extended warranties are often something sold via the dealer by a third party. The fine print on the extended warranties can be such that they will never pay out on anything. 

I believe there was another post here recently where someone pointed out that changing oil at 5000 and again at 10000 would void such a warranty if the manufacturer recommends 8000 mile intervals on account of you not changing at that time. 

My usual practice is to ask the sales person for examples of work that they have performed recently as part of these warranties. In three separate situations at three different dealers in the past the sales person was unable to provide an example. 

codrus UltraDork
1/26/19 12:24 p.m.

Basically yeah, CPO warranties are just like a factory warranty except they go past the normal period.  I know of people who, after buying a new car that they liked and getting close to the end of the warranty, worked out a deal where they sold it back to the dealer, the dealer CPO'd it, and then they bought it back again.  That's a pretty expensive way to do it (they had to pay sales tax on it again), but to them the CPO warranty was worth it.

Aftermarket warranties (really "service plans") have a terrible reputation for being scams.  Here in California, though, many of the scummier practices are illegal, so the ones sold here aren't quite as bad.  One of the keys is to look for a warranty where where instead of listing what is covered, they list what *isn't* covered.  I've owned a couple of cars with those kinds of warranties and been generally happy.  There's usually a deductible of $50-100, and repairs will take a bit longer because the dealer has to get authorization from the warranty company, but it's all been reasonable.

Furious_E UltraDork
1/26/19 1:12 p.m.

I bought my FRS CPO from a Toyota dealer exactly a year ago yesterday. It came with a stack of documents pertaining to the CPO program, so it shouldn't be hard for your friend to figure out whether he's getting screwed again now that he knows to watch out. Personally, I'd get my money back and tell that dealer to berkeley right off.

This is the first car I've had with a warranty and I guess the peace of mind is nice, although I didn't explicitly seek out a CPO car and haven't had to use the warranty yet (knock on wood.) Probably the greater benefit, IMO, is that i think it does sort of guarantee at least a certain caliber of car, not that it likely matters much at the age of most CPO vehicles.

mr2s2000elise Reader
1/26/19 3:17 p.m.

I bought my tsx wagon new 

dealer took it “back” and cpod for me for $1500 


dealership owner is also my neighbor 


under cpo, Honda paid out $3,879 in repairs 

Cotton PowerDork
1/26/19 7:03 p.m.

The cpo warranty on our g550 is bumper to bumper and unlimited miles which is nice.  I was surprised they did unlimited miles.

docwyte UltraDork
1/27/19 8:55 a.m.

In reply to Cotton :

Because they know that most people don't drive very much and they'll run out of the time limit far before a mileage limit

John Welsh
John Welsh Mod Squad
1/27/19 9:33 a.m.

In reply to Cotton :

Unlimited miles but only for 1 yr. Maybe 2 more years for a price 

... every Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz now comes with industry-leading coverage: an unlimited-mileage warranty for one year that can be extended for up to two additional years. 


underpowered Reader
1/27/19 10:33 p.m.

In reply to John Welsh :

And as long as it's not (among other things) a maintenance item, interior or exterior trim, airbag, or sunroof issue!

Cotton PowerDork
1/27/19 10:52 p.m.

In reply to John Welsh :

Correct,  it came with one and we paid for an additional two,  so have unlimited mileage for three years.  That is tacked on to the end of the existing warranty,  so we’re covered for a little over 3 and a half years.

Cotton PowerDork
1/27/19 11:18 p.m.
docwyte said:

In reply to Cotton :

Because they know that most people don't drive very much and they'll run out of the time limit far before a mileage limit

I’ve only ever received unlimited mileage warranties on two things,  my k1300s I bought new and the cpo 550.  I got capped on everything else.  The bike I kind of get except it was for an absurd amount of time,  8 years,  which was as long as they would allow me to extend it and was very reasonably priced.  Of course shortly after I bought it my riding went way down. I do about 2-3k a year now on a bike and used to do 10-15k.  The 550 is my wife’s DD and she does about 25k a year,  so this one is going to get driven.

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