chandler PowerDork
8/27/18 11:47 a.m.

Got a new company truck so this is excess to requirements:


1991 Dodge W150

extended cab - long bed - 4x4

ive done a ton of work keeping this useable, using it once a month or so to haul a cut up car to the scrap yard or tow a pre-cut up car home. It’s rusty, it’s dirty, it’s got dents but it runs well (318), drives well (727) and has new Bridgestones. There is an unknown vibration that I’ve not been able to track down, some of the interior panels rattle and one of the rear drums is warped. Have questions? Ready to send money for your shipper? Respond here or email me at vdblyou at yahoo. 

$2500 comes with a bunch of first gen parts from the multiples I’ve owned.

And another

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