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10/9/21 12:02 a.m.

Car sat for over 10 years outdoors , seized engine, but some good parts available. Car highlighted in this build thread.

- Dog-leg 5-spd transmission, operating condition unknown (turns smoothly, but should probably be gone through), torque tube, and shift linkage (unfortunately, part of the shift knob broke)
- Some engine parts: valve cover, oil pan (a couple of dented fins), intake manifold, flywheel, clutch assembly, some engine internals (crankshaft may be usable as a core) - pistons and rods are toast, cylinder bores 3&4 are terminally rusted/pistons stuck in the block, unless you want the block for an art project.
- Rear hatch glass
- Headlight assembly is there, but I don't know if it works - car looks like it was in a front-end collision at some point so some things are a little off-kilter and many under-hood plastic items (like the air box) are broken
- Fuel distributor and CIS parts - all there, but not run in over 10 years. Might be rebuildable, or might only be good for parts (or real crazy, Medusa-like art project with those fuel lines)
- Cylinder head - pretty toasty, but might make a good core for somebody

Interior is brown/tan tweed and compete: small tear in the passenger seat. Sat outside for 10 years so it needs a good cleaning. Manual windows.

Instrument cluster (odometer does not work, but speedometer does)

Make me an offer if you need/want something.

Items located outside of Boston, MA (zip code 02474). Can ship some smaller stuff, but you'll need to come get the big/heavy stuff.

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