keithedwards Reader
1/31/21 4:02 p.m.

Automotive Tools, carb, valves, crank, CV boot, pitman arm

carburetor synchronizing flow meters, bought from J C Whitney in the '70s $15 for both

CV Boot Clamp Installer tool $8

hole saw kit, 10 piece $5

long angled feeler gauge $10

Powerbuilt crank pulley holder 50mm Honda '92 and later $8

tie rod pitman arm puller $5 twin cam locking tool $8

valve adjuster, bought from J C Whitney in the '70s $5

valve adjustment socket and screwdriver tool $8

Michelin 165 SR 15 radial tire, new, never mounted. I bought this in the '80s, always garage-kept. $15

Port Charlotte, FL

Let me know if you can't access FB pictures.

keithaedwards46 AT gmail DOT com

Keith Edwards

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