mxandcx5 Reader
8/28/22 4:00 p.m.

I sold my literal lemon of a BRZ and I have a lot of performance parts that I no longer need. For pics and more details, I posted many of these under the auto parts by owner section of Philadelphia Craigslist. I can send any additional photos or info if need be. GRM discount applies! I'm not looking to ship some of the heavier items at the moment unless you would like to cover shipping costs.

New in Box: FT-86 SPEEDFACTORY BLACK CERAMIC COATED CATTED UEL HEADER (even fits new 2022 2nd gen models) (

New in Bag: 2.5" Motiv Overpipe (

OEM catted mid-pipe from a 2017 removed with only 10k miles on it- (minty fresh, no rust but the heat shield has been removed)

MTEC Clutch Spring (

Barely worn OEM Brake Pads front and rear (put on last summer and taken off shortly after)

Coolant hoses and longer oil filter stem to allow for 2022 oil cooler retro-fit (

OEM front lower crash bolts

OEM manual trans shift knob

OEM floor mats, black

OEM center console

A car cover

Shoot me offers if interested and thank you!




mxandcx5 Reader
8/29/22 6:24 p.m.

I opened the box for the first time today. It is a little sad it went unused, but I figure every thread needs some pics.

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