codrus UberDork
3/11/20 11:46 a.m.

I'm selling my QuickJack 3500.  I've owned it 7 or 8 years now, I used to use it all the time with the Miata but now I have a real lift in the garage.  I've been dragging it around in the trailer in case I wanted to use it at the track, but I recently switched to an M3 and it doesn't fit that car very well.

It's the 3500 pound unit with the smallest/lightest frames, the 12V DC motor, and it has the upgraded quick-disconnect hydraulic fittings.  I can't find all of the rubber blocks that go with it, so you'll probably need to source some replacements.  It fits Miatas, MR2s, RX7s, etc pretty well, but the frames aren't long enough to hit both lifting points on an E46 so it's not great for that.  The frames are around 60 pounds each and the power unit less than that, so this is single-person portable for use at the track.  

Located in Santa Clara, CA.  This isn't going to ship well, but I can meet up around the bay area or potentiall bring it to track days at Thunderhill, Laguna, etc.  Asking $800.


(note that the frames have safely catch legs that normally fold down to triangulate it when it gets to full height.  I have them zip tied out of the way in this video so that I can show it going all the way up/down without needing to manually release them)

Stefan MegaDork
3/11/20 12:46 p.m.

Hmm, I 'd like to scoop this up.  I'll be in San Diego/LA in June and SF area in August.  Unfortunately, both times I'll have flown instead of driving.

That's a long round trip from PDX and I don't know anyone heading that way or coming back.

codrus UberDork
3/11/20 5:31 p.m.

Yeah, I don't have any plans to go up to Portland any time soon.  I will probably be making a trip to Thunderhill (in Willows, CA) sometime this spring, which knocks about a quarter of the distance off between Portland and Santa Clara, but that's still a long way.


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