RichardSIA Dork
10/3/22 12:39 a.m.

Going over the project list again.
Really down to none I really "Want" to sell at this point, but I still have about a dozen to build so still too many.
Really anxious to make serious progress on the Europa and El Camino this winter.
So this is a Trial Balloon, probably made of lead, but let's see if it goes anywhere.

Tatum 2-place molds, right to produce, and some great parts.
Just cannot be called the Crusader, I was going to call if the Saber.
In addition to the molds I also have a complete Geo/Suzuki 13B twin-cam, with electronics and computer.
Plus a Porsche 901 (914 car) transmission.
Plan was/is to combine these to upgrade the Tatum from wimpy VW to super 13B power and five speed trans in place of VW bug.
I know this mere 78 HP seems mild in the age of twin-turbo whazzit engines but there is logic to it.
The 13B makes about twice the power of a VW without spending stupid money and weighs the same or possibly even less.
Important for a REAR engine VW based design.
The Porsche trans was originally mid-engine but can be R&P flipped.
It also uses CV axles so avoids the lousy camber of swing axles.
Revered the shift linkage becomes direct like a Bug trans.
I also have a junk Bug to take front and rear suspension pieces from.
No interest at all in selling parts, either the whole project or none.
It took me several years to gather these parts, if the Arthritis in my shoulders was not screwing with me I would not even think of selling.

So it's $5K for everything including a letter from me confirming transfer of production rights.
Check Tatum only built two of these, just in time for the '74 Oil Embargo to louse up his production plans. 
One went to a collector in Saudi-Arabia, no one know where the other is.
I sold a nearly complete third car in Nevada several years ago, wish I could buy it back and use this drivetrain.
I know one more body was made but have no idea how far along it ever got.
Serious response only please, I really hate to let this go.

Tatum FV two-place roadster.

Engine pics.


Fuel injected, lots of hoses!


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