buzzboy Dork
5/9/21 8:27 p.m.

OM617 and accompanying 722.1

Make me an offer that I can't refuse

Both coming out of my 1979 300SD. Engine has ~165k, the last 5k of which was on track. I don't have a battery for this car so I haven't run the engine in about a year. Last time I fired it up, it ran fine, but not great. Has been overheated once in my 8 years of ownership.


Volvo B20 and M40

Parts or the whole, let me know.

I started building this B20 a few years ago for a car that never materialized. I assembled most of it and realized I'd forgotten to do the crank endplay. Block is bored to a B20 with .015 over pistons. It's got a lot of new parts. Missing is the head. Cam is an Isky. Transmission is an M40 with an 1800 style shifter.

buzzboy Dork
6/19/21 5:24 p.m.

Which of these engines belongs in your miata project?

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