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12/7/20 11:27 a.m.

Parts are located in Chicago, IL (Proper not the burbs). I can deliver a reasonable distance for a reasonable fee (gas + a flat fee for loading stuff). If you come pick it up, I'll help you load it, I've got a hoist and handtruck here. For smaller stuff (carbs, intakes, sundries, etc) I can ship, it'll probably go USPS Flat Rate. So plan to pay for flat rate shipping.

Edit: Realized I'm not yet authorized for PMs here. So, send me an email: revolverrobactual AT gmail (dot) com.

Pretty tired of this stuff cluttering up my tiny garage already. The gearboxes work for both Sunbeams and Jensen Healey (early ones at least, I don't know about later ones) - Should work on other Rootes motors that share the same bellhousing pattern.

Stuff that has got to go:

1)1725cc engine, complete and assembled (minus intake and exhaust which go with the engine). This engine ran as recently as 6-months ago. But it gets hot quickly. Compression is good on 3 of 4 pistons and it holds vaccum on a leakdown test. So, I suspect that the #3 piston needs a new set of rings. You could probably skate by, putting rings on this piston, flushing the coolant passages, and rebuilding the carbs and it will likely run for awhile.

2) Attached to the 1725 is a late model (Series 5) gearbox. It pops out of 2nd and 4th gear sometimes. This is a common issue with Sunbeam gearbox when they get older and I thought it was a synchro/shift fork thing, it isn't. It's that the spring that holds the ball for the detent wears or gets stuck due to sludgy gearbox oil. It's basically a $12 parts fix and time. The clutch between these two will need to be replaced or at least cleaned (I suspect the rear main is leaking onto it), it slips pretty good.

$250 for both pieces - I really do not want to disassemble them.

3) A 1592cc that is partially disassembled, the head is off, rocker shafts are off, pan is off, and pushrods are out. But I have all the bits in a box and they go with it. Mains and rods look good, but this is a rebuildable core - nothing else. $100

4) Disassembled, but rebuilt with fresh synchros, is a close-ratio early model 4-speed (probably original to my S3). This will need to be completely reassembled but all the parts are there. It will need to be cleaned in a parts washer. For some reason, my dad thought it would be a good idea to drill bricks over the box that was holding this trans and all the parts, and it's covered with brick dust. However, nothing has been spun up in there, so a parts washing and then reassembly with new grease and oil will do the trick. This is THE box if you're running on a short track or auto-x in a Sunbeam/Jensen/etc. I have a bellhousing that goes with it. $150


6) A whole bunch of sundries, spare water pump impeller, alternator, voltage regulator/coil/fuse box etc all off of my '63 Series 3. If you're restoring a car these parts could be useful. Most of these things are used, but rebuildable/restorable, a few are new (like the impeller and alternator) - Contact me, I can dig through the box(es) and see if I have what you need). If you want it all $50 to get it out of my garage.

7) A pair of MGB buckets. Seat covers are nice, headrests are included. But the foam on the driver's side is fairly flat and the webbing underneath needs to be replaced. Would make a good set of seats for a driver. They are currently bolted into my car, but will be coming out this weekend and hopefully will be gone shortly after that. $50 for the pair.

8) I have a pair of Weber ICTs - can be made to fit the Sunbeam manifold, but also of course if you've got a VW these are your carbs. They look excellent, but have been sitting on a shelf for a decade or more. So, plan to put kits in them. $75 for the pair.

If you're using any of these things in a Challenge Car/Crapcan Racing Car/etc - we can work on prices. In fact, we can work on prices period.

Come get this stuff out of my garage, seriously, I need the space.

Only trades considered: Honda K24 motor, seriously narrowed axles (49-50" flange to flange) that can stand up to track abuse.


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