MeruSafety New Reader
7/12/23 1:04 p.m.

Hey Guys! This is AJ Burns, owner of Meru Safety. At PRI last December we launched a brand new Frontal Head Restraint with great reception. We got through SFI 38.1 testing in February and started shipping braces in March. We have been able to get braces in all different types of cars. We have already got braces on top drivers in the circle track and rally markets and have a few debuting braces in road/endurance racing soon. IMSA accepts our SFI 38.1 rating so keep your eye out for a few drivers to make the switch here within the next few weeks. 

When designing our brace we wanted to maintain neck safety while improving on concussion reduction. We needed to find a way to bring the head to a slower stop when the restraint would limit head movement. We had a background in suspension development in the motorcycle industry so we started working on a brace that incorporated a hydraulic shock absorber into the headrest. We developed what we now call IDS(Inertia Damping System) which is a small hydraulic shock that has speed sensitive valving in it. At low speed the shock and headrest move fairly free to maintain driver comfort in the car. But as the shaft speed in the shock speeds up with bigger hits the valving rapidly stiffens. The idea is that as soon as your head starts to move in an impact we can start slowing it down bringing it to a progressive stop instead of waiting until then end and bringing it to a stop all at once which will reduce forces through the head. We also run a much shorter sliding tether than most so that we can control the heads entire movement forward and back while also maintaining the same stopping point going forward and maintaining neck safety. 

Our patent was granted in May 2020 and we cleared SFI testing this year and have the graphs and video from those test published on our website at 

Here is a quick video on the brace.

And here are some pictures below. Please check out the website and if you have any questions email 




MeruSafety New Reader
7/12/23 6:15 p.m.

Also, what are some events you guys might like to see us at before the year is over? We are at the races almost every weekend with our booth and would love to come meet you guys in person!

newold_m (Forum Supporter)
newold_m (Forum Supporter) Reader
7/13/23 1:18 a.m.

FYI.. The video on your homepage is showing up as private for me 

MeruSafety New Reader
7/13/23 2:45 p.m.

In reply to newold_m (Forum Supporter) :

Appreciate the catch, not sure how it ended up like that but its back up and going! 

Here is the link as well!

MeruSafety New Reader
10/17/23 3:28 p.m.

Forgot to post on here in August when they came in, but we finally have larges available and shipping daily. I know the race season is coming to an end and people will be looking at what gear needs to be replaced. I had a few people from here reach out to my email so I thought I would give an update.  

Floating Doc (Forum Supporter)
Floating Doc (Forum Supporter) UltimaDork
10/17/23 8:12 p.m.

The black on black background images are not useful.

Byrneon27 HalfDork
10/18/23 7:38 a.m.

Are you going to be at PRI again? I need a new HNR and this seems fantastic 

MeruSafety New Reader
10/18/23 10:35 a.m.

In reply to Floating Doc (Forum Supporter) :

Here are some that may be more useful! 


MeruSafety New Reader
10/18/23 10:39 a.m.

In reply to Byrneon27 :

Yes sir! We will be in kind of a weird spot out by the Pit Stop Cafe in both #7211 next to Skip Barber. 

MeruSafety New Reader
11/26/23 12:12 a.m.

We are having a pretty aggressive sale this weekend for anyone looking to make the switch over to an Ascent. 25% off the entire website and a free hat and apparel item of your choosing when you purchase an Ascent.

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