Maniac0301 Reader
12/8/17 11:24 a.m.

GRC Rallycross hit iRacing earlier this week.  You get the beetle and a couple tracks with any paid sub.  There are two maybe three other tracks you will be required to pay for to complete the full series.  Also the GRC Fiesta is available for purchase.  The driving itself is very good using iRacings track deformation technology in the dirt sections.  The cars are very nice to drive with tons of setup options. The Beetle and Fiesta seem well matched to each other although I have only driven the Fiesta so far.

Races are setup in a heat format with a qualifying section, then 2 different heats split by your qualifying time, the top 4 of either heat move onto the main event.  There is a consolation heat for the bottom 4 of each of the first two heats with the top 2 drivers of the consolation heat being moved into the main event.  The heats are run one right after another so you have some down time when you are not in a heat but you can spectate the race from any of the camera views which is pretty nice.  Races seem well balanced at this time with 400-800 drivers entering the hourly events split into lobbies based on iRating.   There always seems to be good matchups to watch or race.

Bumping and punting is a thing especially in the first corner although this heavily mirrors what I see in real life Rallycross races your performance in the earlier heats and qualifying matter so that starting position combined with a good launch gets you out ahead of the melee.  Safety rating impact is toned down to represent the legality of contact within Rallycross the cars are controllable and since they actually work in the grass being punted isn't an instant death sentence.  

I'm racing in the series nightly username Tommy Ransom feel free to add me if you like and we'll get some good old dirty racing underfoot.

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