44Dwarf UltraDork
1/29/18 3:56 p.m.

After 14 or so years of owning her its time to find it a new home.  Nice rider not a 100% top scorer show bike but it does have a few wins in the rode it in classes the few times i've entered.


3 kick start when cold (Two with choke on, turn key on click the choke up a notch or two and a slow kick it fires right up)

Runs great. 

Handles better then people would have you belive. 1st HD with front and rear suspension and still has sprung seat.

You'll likely be the only 52K in the neiborhood.

Clean title in my name it been reg in 3 states and two Canadian providences that i know of.



Has 54 and up front fender (No duck tail)

Belly number don't match.

Extra didgit in VIN (Common and legal) due to repairs Maine Dealer would have State police restamp.  

Speedo is broken (had it fixed once sent it to Co for 8 months it lasted 2 years..)


Both plus and minus depending on how you look at it.

Paint is not 52 but 54 and up black with Red stripe outlined with white pin stripe.  Paint is highly Crazed but intact. (to me is a plus) 

Lots of spare parts, 99% of the adverts printed in 52, Dealer set up sheet, post card dealers mailed out, numberd Pewter commemorative spoon and more.


Asking $18500 or BO


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