wearymicrobe UberDork
5/18/18 1:45 p.m.

Basically the above. Like say you wanted a NM4 for a client, we have called around and there are a few out of state that are advertised on eBay but with no response yet.

Everything that pops up in cycletrader is a basic ad and when we call in to see if they have one its just one of the automatic postings that they use for all the bikes they sell.



wearymicrobe UberDork
5/20/18 12:46 p.m.

Found one in LA. guy is driving up today to look and see if he fits.

Non of the local motorcycle dealers talk to each other it seems as there is not a lot of dealer trading or any at all happening so they just kind of ignore each other.

untchabl Reader
5/28/18 7:18 a.m.

Just to answer your question, yes the dealership can search other dealer's new inventory. The search is done by model and they can search 3 or 4 states at a time. I work in the service department at a Honda powersports dealership.

Good luck in your search, the NM4 is extremely unpopular in my area. I have one customer that has one. We had one new NM4 that sat on the floor for over a year before we dealer transferred it to someone looking for it, we never ordered another.

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