octavious Dork
12/9/17 6:29 p.m.

It’s a 2005 with 54kish miles and tons of extras.  I’ve been commuting on it and racked up almost 10k miles since April. But for a couple reasons I’m thinking about selling. Mostly due to a big scare during my commute last week. (I was almost a hood ornament last Tuesday.). In my defense, I’ll still have the Ducati project and I may get something and take my riding to the track/or dirt.  But right now I’m leaning heavily towards selling. 


A good riding friend said I should park it and let it sit for awhile and then decide. I like that idea and I am doing that now it’s been over a week since I’ve been on the bike. Which brings me to my question... if I still do decide to sell, I’m assuming I should wait until spring time to list it for sale?  I mean I rode into the 30 degree temps, but I doubt there are that many people of the same mindset shopping for motorcycles at Christmas. 


I’ve done trades for most of my bikes and haven’t sold one straight out in years. Any selling advice would be greatly appreciated. 




Donebrokeit SuperDork
12/9/17 6:42 p.m.

I have found the best time to start posting is spring, have the bike ready to roll, fuel, fresh, oil change, inspection... After that I would take two routes listing the bike. The first post would have multiple good photos and a well written ad, second listing use two hafeass photos with a five word ad. Reason being some people like a "Easter egg hunt" when shopping.


Good luck. Paul B

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