airbats801 New Reader
3/20/18 3:11 p.m.

I'm thinking about dumping teh rest of the cash on these dellorto dhla 45s which are actually a tad too small for my application, but at this point in the engine, I think they will be plenty.


I'm running a mitsubishi g54b 2.6l with roughly 11.5:1, and will be putting in a fairly aggressive cam eventually. Eventually I will be bumping the compression up to 12:1, and oversized valves.


So my dhla 45s came with 36mm chokes/venturi


according to the charts for power up past 6k I need something like 44mm or 46mm chokes. Unfortunately I can only go 40 with the 45s


so my plan for now is to just run the 45s with 40mm chokes, but since I have such a large displacement 4 cylinder, the guide says I need to drop down to basically a 7772.4 main jet emulsion tube. I know I dont have that size in the carburetors. Guessing something like a 7772.7.  Could I run the smaller tube and jet around it, or should I just drop the extra 100+ dollars on 4 of the dang things. I'm looking at roughly 350 dollars for a baseline single jet setup plus chokes, plus emulsion tubes. my intiial setup was going to be 160 mains, 210 air, 55 idle, 7772.4 emulsion tubes for the mains, and 40mm chokes


Part of me wonders if I should just source a set of 50s or 55 dcoe and sell these.


I'm referencing off one of the guys who has built a big hp 2.6 down in australia and this is his current setup. I believe he is running a bit more compression with more headwork than I am.

Chokes 42mm (to small, I need 44's or 46's and 48's are to big)
Primary jets; 55's
Main jets; 165's
Air correctors; 205's
Fuel pressure; 4psi

My thing has a massive bottom end and runs out of puff at about 5700rpm. It will turn new 205 semi slicks in the first 3 gears! I have 44 & 46 mm chokes on order for it and will then tune accordlingly from there.

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