03Panther SuperDork
3/29/21 10:03 p.m.

Since oil transfer pumps are so expensive, and I'm now buying diesel fuel in bulk as a hedge against the crazy prices, I've been using some cheap 12V pumps ordered from flea-bay. I have a couple old hand crank barrel pumps that will really move some oil, but not practical for filling my truck.

I found a trick most might know already, but I had never heard of, or thought of myself. $25, my grinder, a 3/8 NPT tap, a 1/4 NPT tap and two pipe nipples, and I'm ready to put some tubing on it and give it a try tomorrow:

For those that have not recognized it yet, it started life as:

SBC oil pump from Summit Racing. I've thrown a number out over the years, so I had to cheat and buy new, but cheap enough.

Oil Pump

They do have a few drawbacks; weeps a bit of oil, since no seal for the shaft, or case halves, but I make a mess every time i mess with my other jury rigged stuff that don't last.

For now I'll just use a cordless drill, but it will end up with a dedicated mount and motor.


03Panther SuperDork
3/29/21 10:11 p.m.

I've read a better choice is a power steering pump from something more modern, with a pulley drive and a remote reservoir, but too expensive new. When I ever get around to scraping a couple of parts cars, I know one of 'em will work. Maybe one of the others as well.

Also, a lift pump of an ol' drip-troit diesel works, but again too expensive to buy. I'll have to wait till I can either get to VA or TN - and get a couple out of the parts field!

03Panther UltraDork
3/29/21 10:21 p.m.

Back in '08 - an old waste veggie oil site I stumbled on from Google - some guys posted a link to a guy that sells a motor, pump and stand, but you can see its a modified SBC oil pump. They were laughing at his $500 price tag... but he actually gets sales,'cause they work, and are 'bout near indestructible! The link was dead, but I found the same guy by name on flea-bay - His price is now $1100. He does at least start with the Meling MV55 (50 bucks, high volume) instead of the M55 "standard" oil pump at 2 bits! But a couple hrs fab work and an electric motor are not worth over a grand to me.

noddaz UberDork
7/14/21 8:15 p.m.


Try this instead.

transfer pump


03Panther UltraDork
7/15/21 4:02 a.m.

In reply to noddaz :

I've tried other, albeit cheaper, "for clean water use only" pumps like that, along the way, and they do not like diesel at all. and gas is a HUGE no no with them, even if it held up long.

The hose bib threads are a minor workaround as well. Not hard, but annoying.

The only three drawbacks to the SBC pump is: driving it conveniently, minor leakage due to design, and it does not self prime.

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