boxedfox New Reader
12/3/17 5:17 a.m.

As we all know, the whole maintenance-by-odometer-reading thing only works if you drive your car like a normal, sensible person on public roads. Once that car ends up seeing action on a racetrack, you need a better way of keeping track of wear and tear.

After spending years manually tracking race time in a notebook (yes, it's 2017, I have two smartphones, and still keep paper race notes), I finally spend the $30 or so and installed a Hobbs meter in my ITS car. Turns out it's easier than I expected, so I turned it into a video. Hope it helps someone out there:

PS: If you value your sanity, don't install a Hobbs meter in the cabin of a street-driven car. The incessant ticking will lead to self-harm.

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