Autolex Dork
11/9/17 11:01 a.m.

I've seen so many vehicle specific wiper delete kits for $Texas. This drives me crazy!

Go to a hardware store/Amazon and buy one of these in your preferred color/paint to match. (or simply google "Plumb Works® 1/2" Faucet Hole Cover")

Commonly sold as "Faucet Hole Covers" or "Sprayer Hole Covers". I've had to hack an inch or so of threads off of them to fit behind panels, but they're high density plastic, so easy to cut with a hack saw.

Protip: the black one matches the 350Z Black Obsidian color nearly perfectly, and fits the rear wiper hole (including the foam compression gasket) perfectly with ZERO modifications.


300zxfreak New Reader
12/17/17 7:31 p.m.

For anyone doing this on a Z32, you need to reduce the diameter of the flange nut to let it sit flat up against the substructure of the hatch. If you don’t, the nut will pull the whole assembly cockeyed. Also, I had to make some spacers out of PVC pipe to support the gap between inner and outer sheet metal of the hatch. Tightening the nut any more than finger tight without the spacers would distort the outer sheet metal. I cut a 5/16” thick ring from PVC, then cut that ring into segments that I could place in the hole between inner and outer sheet metal, before inserting the plug assembly, works like a champ.

Thanks Autolex for the initial tip, saved me a lot of otherwise wasted money on some “kit”.

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