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warpedredneck wrote in In Defense of Donk

Oh my god.................. I am the old mechanic at the end of the block

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Marjorie Suddard wrote in Clutch: It's Necessary.

Not everyone is a superdork; some folks actually need encouragement that they can do big mechanical jobs on their own in basic workspaces. This is the kind of E36 M3 that turns newcomers off to the car hobby, not to mention you look like trolls sitting in the corner of ...

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SVreX wrote in For Sale

I think it should be moved to the really expensive canoe file.

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RX Reven' wrote in Personal Fail

“Personal Fail”…pfff, please…90% of those big strong men you referred to were sitting on their fat a$$es watching the game and guzzling beer while you were out demonstrating the gumption to go for it.

Dust yourself off, use your brain, tool up, call on us for tips, and teach those ...

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turboswede wrote in I Know He's Cheating

Dr. Hess wrote: I mean, it's like "Oh, we can't have Voter ID laws. That would discourage cheating, I mean, dat be raysis." If your suggesting that cheating is OK as long as you're not caught, then why bother having rules at all?
it must suck to be as ...

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mad_machine wrote in I Know He's Cheating

Dr. Hess wrote: I mean, it's like "Oh, we can't have Voter ID laws. That would discourage cheating, I mean, dat be raysis." If your suggesting that cheating is OK as long as you're not caught, then why bother having rules at all?
Do you need to flounder threads ...

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Wally wrote in Goodbye Stranger

Would crushing the one VW that eludes a tow truck be considered irony?

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oldsaw wrote in Another Autocross Safety Thread

Rupert wrote:
yamaha wrote: It ramped the curbing in the corner.....nothing to see here
Thanks for your quick and resounding reply. Any your position in SCCA national leadership is?
Your snark doesn't disguise the fact that you're comparing apples to oranges. Launching a car off a curb while ...

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ssswitch wrote in Goodbye Stranger

Wally wrote: Would crushing the one VW that eludes a tow truck be considered irony?
They can't let it get out and infect the rest of the herd.

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EvanB wrote in Shop Contest Winners Announced

When is the "My shop is terrible but I'm too poor to do anything about it" contest?

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turboswede wrote in Name me a sleeper?

Turbo Caravan.

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mblommel wrote in Unloved classics that deserve more respect.

Fiat X1/9. Obviously.

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rcutclif wrote in Planning Our Ramp Truck's Voyage

I was recently driving by myself to pick up a ramp truck. Drive a few hours, buy truck, load my car onto said truck, drive truck home. Since its a ramp truck I feel like if you drive it home empty you missed an opportunity. Sounds like you are capitalizing ...

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Joe Gearin wrote in Ramp Truck Reality Becomes a Nightmare

Keep in mind kids, Tim has been undertaking wacky adventures like this waaaaay before there ever was a Roadkill show. So I guess Roadkill episodes sound like GRM?

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Jerry From LA wrote in We Challenge You to a Rematch

Maybe the BatVan could come back and actually compete.

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ssswitch wrote in Get "GRM" Staff Stickers

I dunno, this seems like a trap. I'll order the sticker and then tomorrow I'll have Ed asking me where my article is.

My wife buys me the girlie calendars every year. Says a man cave without them would make her wonder about the men inside.

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kazoospec wrote in The greatest race car of all time....?

Don't know if its the "best", but this is my favorite:

10.3 in the 1/8 is certainly NOT too slow for a 1970 chevy in an unknown state of tune.

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ebonyandivory wrote in Boy dem Cameros were fast back in the day

1/8 Mile track? Sounds like it!

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curtis73 wrote in Winne Cooper or Topanga?

... or as someone else on this forum once said (can't find it now)... "I'd wreck that so hard Gordon Lightfoot would write a song about it."

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JohnnyBquick wrote in Need help classing my car for autocross

In 1993, I walked into a repair shop in Vancouver Washington. A large, outdated calendar hung on the wall, featuring the most unusual, amazing car I had ever seen. Using all of my persuasion ability, I tried to convince the shop owner to give me that calendar. “No Way!!” Later, ...

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EvanB wrote in How modified do you like your classics?

All of the above.

They recall should just be a recording of "Pop Goes The Weasel" that plays as you slide towards the collision to build a little suspense before you find out if you got an airbag or a mine

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Harvey wrote in My crane showed up today

Crane Technique, no can defense.

What I can't get over is that the p.o. doesn't know what happened to the last couple feet or so of the Elan. Drive-by sawzall? Ass snatchers? I mean, how do you lose a chunk of a car? Margie

I don't think there's enough left to be an Elan...that's more like an "Ela".

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Ed Higginbotham wrote in In Defense of Donk

I think I need to move to a different neighborhood. All my neighbors have destroyed Camrys, Accords and such.

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Will wrote in Blue Angels

This thread is good because aside from a Blue Angels routine, you'll almost never see an A-4 without drop tanks. And a slicked-up, non-humpback Scooter is a gorgeous airplane.

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Fueled by Caffeine wrote in The M3-killer that could have been.

I heard Martin brundle said this was the finest rwd chassis ever.

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itsarebuild wrote in Regrets: I Have a Few

"I feel like the Vette and I dated, parted amicably, then found out her new boyfriend totally got her to do some freaky stuff that I never even thought to ask about." Quotes like this are why I know this forum is my home....

Something to shoot for- win with all bolt on hardware, and you get a welder to do more the next year with.

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Type Q wrote in New Miata Specifications Released

The picture that is emerging to me is a car that is smaller and lighter than the NC its replacing. The overall size and weight are will be fairly close to original NA. The early driving reviews are that it feels very much like NA. The prices, adjusted for inflation, ...

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Jaynen wrote in New Miata Specifications Released

If it gets high 30's a lot more enthusiasts will be able to claim to spouses its a commuter car = win

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Jerry From LA wrote in Ten-Cent Chassis Alignment

Of course, the price has since risen to 20 cents.

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Gearheadotaku wrote in Clutch: It's Necessary.

novaderrik wrote: since when is putting a clutch in a fwd econobox considered "major surgery" by car people? you pop the axles out, drop the trans, take out the old clutch bits, put the new clutch bits in, put the trans back in, put the axles back in..
I'm ...

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Nick_Comstock wrote in IT'S TOO SOON FOR WITNER!!

In reply to Rupert: You can't correct it. You will forever be known as that "witner" guy. Good luck with that

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dansxr2 wrote in Bought another crappy Miata

Have a contest and give it away ;-)

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JohnRW1621 wrote in Any place to learn how to work on old cars?

Any day, I will take someone who really wants to help over someone who wants to show he knows it all.

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mad_machine wrote in Charles Krauthammer RIP

Should we start mixing the cement for Marjorie? There is only one way this thread is going to end.. locked with somebody banned. 


I consider myself pretty damn liberal, and I do disagree with people all the time, but I try to do it with grace and basic politeness. ...

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Tim Suddard wrote in Happy Holidays everyone

Like Santa, I am up early. Unlike Santa, it is because I want to sneak out to the shop to start disassembling my Lotus Elan project.

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Tim Suddard wrote in My crane showed up today

I am so excited, the portable engine crane I bought for the ramp truck showed up today. It was $97 (shipped) on ebay and it looks pretty well made. I think I am going to store it one of the giant compartments we added and mount it to a receiver ...

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unk577 wrote in More Lightweight Mazda Designs from SEMA

GameboyRMH wrote: They really should put a 2L engine option in the ND in any case, they'd have no problem selling them!
In the US it's not a option, it's standard.

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Tom1200 wrote in Our Formula 500 Goes to Solo Nationals

JG, was F-mod voted most annoying class becuase other competitors are: A. Jealous their cars don't exude the sweet smell of Castrol R in the morning. B. Mad F-Mod cars and full season cost less than they spent on wheels. C. Distraught they were beat by a car that uses ...

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HappyAndy wrote in A 38-Hour Endurance Race?

38 hours in a crap-can racer sounds masochistic. Where do I sign up?

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NOHOME wrote in How is Classic Car Market today?

Classic cars are not an investment. However, any of them well bought can be sold 5 years later for about what you paid. That makes them a cheap hobby. Maybe with a steep buy-in, but a cheap hobby none the less. Restoring a classic is financial irresponsibility at best, but ...

We got a "free" Elan a couple of years ago. It'd been sitting behind a shed since 1975. The owner had put an extension on the side of their house after it was parked. This trapped it in the backyard. The picture below is us extracting it through the neighbour's ...

Marjorie Suddard wrote: What I can't get over is that the p.o. doesn't know what happened to the last couple feet or so of the Elan. Drive-by sawzall? Ass snatchers? I mean, how do you lose a chunk of a car? Margie
Why do I think this is a ...

As for the Cortina, it is a real, 1966 Mk1 Lotus. I got the title and key with it, as well. Our expert, Carl Heideman, looked it over and said, that despite the extensive rust in the lower regions, it is a very authentic, unmolested car. It does not have ...

The Elan has a clear title, four wheels (one badly bent) and the original (supposedly newly rebuilt) matching engine and correct transmission. Apparently the previous owner got in an accident and wiped the back end out of the car. The left rear shock tower seems to be bent, but I ...

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