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Zeitgeist Reader
6/16/19 8:15 p.m.
TheRX7Project said:

I love '57 Fords... especially wagons... and for only $16,000 this one could be mine.

The Roadkill rotary was there, now with boost.

The yellow Zo6 shown in the video at around the 1:58 mark is me.  I drove up to Michigan yesterday after getting home Fri for a friends retirement party.  I'll post some pics tomorrow.  Thanks for catching my car drive by and posting.


TheRX7Project Reader
6/17/19 2:18 p.m.

I wanted to make a post about what I've learned as a first timer and what I would do differently if/when I decide to go again.

Firstly, the Hot Rod Power Tour crew and the people at Lucas Oil Raceway had this figured out. Registration/credential pickup was open long before it was supposed to be and went much smoother than I thought possible. When I got to the event, I pretty much was able to drive straight in with little delay and get parked. The event wasn't supposed to start until noon- I was parked by 11:00. Credential pickup wasn't even supposed to open until 11:30. Later in the day the process was clearly taking a little longer- but it still seemed pretty organized and fairly smooth.

Second, bring a big hat, a chair, a sun-blocking umbrella, a cooler with plenty of water, sunblock, and cash. I was dying of thirst by noon, and using my card to buy a drink was a PITA. I had the other stuff and it was a lifesaver when that sun started beating down midday. My "neighbor" saw my plight and offered me some ice cold water from his cooler, which was even better.

Third, take more pictures. Think you took enough? You didn't. I know this because I didn't. Snap a picture of anything and everything. Make videos of anything cool (if you like making videos)- there is lots going on. Bring extra batteries or a battery pack for your camera. I brought one of those "charge packs" and it was nice to take a break from walking around to let my GoPro- and my legs- recharge. Meanwhile the camera charged I snapped pictures of the cars going by with my phone. Win/win/win.

Fourth, do more than one day, and go for the actual cruise. After talking to the guys at the hotel, it was clear that I had made a mistake by only going to the one day event. The real fun of the Power Tour doesn't happen at the venues, it happens on the road between them, and at the hotels.

Fifth, and lastly, talk to everyone. Every car there has a story- even the "Plan B" cars- and everyone is happy to share that story. It turns out the guy that parked next to me lives in my neighborhood (?!). We are now friends on facebook, and going to hook up for some cruises.

Underpowered New Reader
6/18/19 8:40 p.m.

In reply to TheRX7Project :

Agree with your synopsis. I went to Bowling green for the day last year, but did just a bit more this year.

I was at Indy as well,  though i did not feel like paying to register my car in the show, Though it was the first big trip for my Wagon.  

We met up with the tour as they traveled up from Sparta and did about half the cruise up to Indy with the tour.  It was awesome cruising up with all the cars.  People out watching everyone go by, every major intersection and random spots had people sitting out watching us drive by, waving, pointing, just loving it.   Every gas station, restaurant,  little attraction was a car show in itself.  

Long hauling it next year,   and this year just got me excited to go to the whole thing next year.




Dead_Sled Reader
6/18/19 9:48 p.m.

More random pics

Dead_Sled Reader
6/18/19 9:58 p.m.

Dead_Sled HalfDork
6/18/19 10:18 p.m.

Zeitgeist Reader
6/20/19 1:25 p.m.

What are you guys using for a picture sharing service?  I used to have Photobucket until their policy change and now I'm looking for something cheap/free.


I agree with the points on how to make it a more enjoyable tour.  Some things I did or were suggested by other long haulers of the past.

I used a water bladder inside my backpack.  It allows for easy fill up and a place to carry any gear or swag while keeping hands free.  I stuck mine in the freezer each night to have cold water all day.  The drink tube was run through the cable grommet built in to the back pack.  This also keeps you cooler with the cold water against your back.

Non melting snacks.  I am doing keto so this was easy with nuts, non chocolate energy bars and beef jerky snack sticks.

I used a police gear bag that hangs on the passenger seat and has a strap that keeps it there.  It has large pockets each side for water bottles and various pockets and slots to keep stuff like maps,camera,pen paper,snacks etc in for quick easy access and together so nothing goes flying or even moves out of reach while driving.  If you have a passenger just move the bag from on the front of the seat to the back of the seat and still have good access.

Others suggested a pee bottle.  I took one and may have needed it at Norwalk with the crazy wait lines and traffic but I stopped before it got bad enough to use it.

I also used a tablet mount that is mounted using a seat mount bolt.  $29 on Amazon along with a double USB plug for cigarette lighter socket to run cables for it and my cell meant easy access, no flopping around hands free use of Waze and Google maps. Bigger maps are nice when driving alone. Phone as a hotspot worked fine and both were fully charged wherever I went so no worries about battery life.

I ran the new Uniden R7 detector on a mirror mount hardwired so with Waze and some faster runs on the highway I wasn't stopped once. 

If you run a race seat like I did(Sparco Alpha on AMT fixed mounts) consider some nice padding for long trips.  I went with a Purple pillow for the seat base and a memory foam lumbar pad.  This was the most comfortable ride I have ever had.  I also got a air inflatable bladder style lumbar pad but didn't use it since the other was so good.  Zero back or other pains in a 03 Zo6 regardless of how long I was sitting or driving.

Lastly new wipers, RainX treated windows and plenty of good washer fluid for rain or bugs.


Zeitgeist Reader
6/20/19 1:36 p.m.

Woops forgot one.  Harbor freight or other brand cooling towel.  Cut it to a length where you can put it on top of your head under your hat and it will hang down around your shoulder blades.  Once it is damp place it on top of your head and put a hat on to hold it in place.  Tuck the other end in your shirt.  This keeps your head,neck and back cool and keeps the sun off your neck.  The backpack/ice cold water bladder set up keeps the rest of your back cool.  I didn't need it most days but it's nice if it is really hot out.  I used a large brim sun hat from Columbia with full perimeter brim and venting with a chin string for windy weather.  Perfect combo for me.

Underpowered New Reader
6/20/19 2:30 p.m.

In reply to Zeitgeist :

I use google photos for my photo sharing.    Free unlimited storage of photo's,  no idea if they have sharing bandwidth limits.  if they do,  i have yet to reach them.

Good tips,  gonna take note for next year.

TheRX7Project HalfDork
6/24/19 12:15 p.m.

A lot of good advice there. Never even thought of a cooling towel but that would've been great.

For photo sharing I've been uploading to the site (blush) because I can't stand the new (well, not new anymore) Photobucket.

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