Bent-Valve Reader
8/20/19 9:01 p.m.


You know when you are supposed to pick that car up, like 2 months ago? And you know something is going to go wrong on the trip?

It didn't go wrong, except my computer is dorked so all the time lapse video is crap. I guess Top Gear has nothing to fear from my videographer skills, lol.

Left Missouri Wednesday heading for TN. It was a smooth trip, so naturally I took an unscheduled right turn some where in Illinois. Saw some pretty corn fields, oh and some neat towns that got lost on the memory card.

Had fun with Accordianfolder and his significant other (who needs a nickname..). Saw mom and sis. Then on Saturday we put the hitch on.

By the way.... I have a class one hitch on the CR-V. So as we are working Accordianfolder tries to reassure me. He says something like "Yeah, Finnegan and Freiberger towed that one time with just a strap welded on. They did good until the tire blew. I've seen things WAAYY more sketchy than this...You'll be fine."


So we decide that with the fudge factor, the 2000 lb rating should be ok....

Sunday morning @ Oh Dark Thirty I hook up to the Banana and take off.

Made it home at about 1 am after visiting the daughter and her family. Since there was no drama this is the most boring video ever, but its up for a quick view, short at 2:25.

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