minimac SuperDork
9/19/16 8:03 a.m.

I just completed the better part of a week riding with my scooter group. Each year we gather at a different location for a week of riding-enjoying the roads and the sights. This year we met at Marion, Va. to ride the Back and Claw of the Dragon. Everyone has heard (if not ridden) the Tail of the Dragon. That's is just for beginners, compared to the Back of the Dragon. Starting out heading north on Rt.16 out of Marion, the road is nice, curvy and as you approach Hungry Mother State Park, a gorgeous view of the lake w/mountains in the background. Sunrise at that spot is amazing. Then the seriousness starts. There are quite a few riding routes already mapped out, but if you want to test yourself, ride the one called The Tazer.It's about 120 miles of great roads but the technical stuff is the 32 miles or so between Marion and Tazewell. That section is the actual Back of the Dragon, and you better have balls'O steel to run it. Plenty of elevation changes-you're hitting three different mountains- tight curves, switchbacks (these are anywhere from 180 degree to over 300), blind curves with rock walls inches away, breath taking views, ...did I mention the occasional logging truck you run up on that's not supposed to be there? We saw a lot of riders on everything from dressers ,ADV bikes, sport bikes, but among some of the fastest was a small subgroup of us on our maxi-scooters. One of our group(bikes are welcome to ride with us) was a very experienced rider on an FJR 1300-he couldn't keep up! We consisted of a T-max, the FJR, a Silverwing, and three Burgman 650s-not known for their handling ability. The rest of the roads made for some very nice rides, but try doing the Back of the Dragon at speed-anything over 15mph- if you have the cajones!

Grtechguy MegaDork
9/22/16 12:29 p.m.

Yep. You scooter riders are a crazy bunch. I couldn't believe how fast you guys went through that pass.

Post the video.

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