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In The July 2016 issue

World's Rarest Triumph?

A TR2 with a hardtop? One of 11 survivors, this car embodies the saga of a once-promising Belgian auto industry.

Featured articles
  • Through the Roof | This ultra-rare, factory-built Triumph TR2 has a special feature: a hardtop. Why did only 22 of them sell?
  • Garage Tours | You and a small group of friends can organize your own low-key event: touring each other’s workshops.
  • Showroom Shine | 13 expert detailing tips for elevating your driver into a concours winner.
  • Problem/Solution | Chip in your paint? Here are 11 steps for making an imperceptible repair.
  • Worth Its Weight in What? | Can a classic car really be worth its weight in gold?
  • Spridget Pitfalls | 10 common mistakes that Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget owners make.
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