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In The July 2022 issue

BMW M1 Procar

Driving one of history's greats

Featured articles
  • BMW M1 Procar | Celebrating 50 years of BMW Motorsport with the M1 Procar, the short-lived spec racer.
  • Rolling to Radwood | Our rad-era Porsche 911 hits the Amelia showfield.
  • Some Kind of Heaven | Welcome to Fritz Wagner’s stockpile, where BMW M1 Procar parts await their next assignment.
  • BMW For Any Budget | Don’t have a million for an M1 Procar? How about something else from the famed brand?
  • Petromobilia | Buying and selling period neon signs, patinaed gas pumps, ancient oil cans and more.
  • Project Bugeye Sprite | Part 4: Building an engine.
  • Buyer's Guide | Datsun 240Z
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