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In The January 2023 issue

Porsche 911

You know you want one, but now what?

Featured articles
  • Your First Porsche 911 | Can a classic car come from the era of computers?
  • 911 Extras | Did you pick your classic 911? These products will enhance the experience.
  • Tomorrow’s Blue Chips | Six future collectibles.
  • Restoration Resumed | A Bugeye rebuild that took half a century.
  • 1000 Miles | The Mille Miglia is a grueling–and gorgeous–adventure through Italy.
  • More MG | Four cylinders were not enough for Victor’s impeccable replicas.
  • Project Bugeye Sprite | Part 5: Before we could paint the body, we needed to repair it.
  • Buyer's Guide | Honda S2000
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