2014 Mitty: Amazing Cars, Amazing Weather

This year's Mitty honored the formula car as the featured marque.
Vintage Formula Atlantic cars are sexy. There, we said it.
This year's honored guest, Brian Redman, met with fans, recounted racing stories, and added a little extra sunshine to the event.
Coker Tire showed up with the full dog and pony show: awesome race cars from the Coker collection, their latest tires, and an 18-wheeler. There's a reason why the Classic Motorsports staff does a lot of tire shopping with Coker.
The infield's car corrals again came alive with some American muscle.
Argentina to Alaska in a Fiat 600? Sure, why not? Follow their odyssey at facebook.com/ArgentinaAlaska.
Flyin' Miata continues to embrace the Mitty. Want to make your Miata faster? Give them a jingle for a turbo, supercharger, V8 swap or really anything.
Flyin' Miata also helped fill the touring laps with a ton of examples of Mazda's favorite roadster.
The Lane Motor Museum always brings something cool and different to the Mitty. This year, they showed up with an entry for the Concours d'LeMons: an art car based on a diesel-powered VW Rabbit.
Whoever ordered the sunshine and perfect temperatures should get a medal. Or a puppy.
Spirited Ariel Atom rides around the facility's test track were offered throughout the weekend. And when they weren't thrilling people, the Ariel Atoms could be seen cruising the infield.
We learned how Evapo-Rust removes rust. Answer: magic.
We can't remember the last time the infield contained so many Morgans. Thanks, guys, for joining us.
DIYAutoTune.com always brings interesting cars to the Mitty. Yes, it's an MGB, but it's not MGB-powered. Watch the magazine for details.
Mini Tec showed up with something neat: a Miata powered by a Honda V6. They say that it's an easy, low-buck swap--and kits are on the way.
The perfect weather welcomed legions of campers.
The Steppin' Stones provided the entertainment on Friday and Saturday--good, honest rock surprisingly performed by teenagers.
Amid all the excitement, the Classic Motorsports staff gathered editorial. So, which do you prefer: Triumph TR6 or TR250?
Hagerty presented the Concours d'LeMons--the competition that honors cars that usually aren't so honored. Pro racing legend Randy Pobst brought his super-clean Yugo.

Chamber-of-commerce weather.

Hundreds of amazing race cars.

Thousands of passionate fans.

And Brian Redman.

Speedfest at the Classic Motorsports Mitty Presented by Hagerty returned to historic Road Atlanta April 24-27. While HSR kept the historic race cars circling the track, the Classic Motorsports staff ran the infield’s Speedfest activities.

Watch this space, too, as we’ll be posting more photos in the next day or so.



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