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Three tours, unlimited surprises: Classic Motorsports Road Tours make the ultimate experience gift

Memorable? Fun? Exclusive? Our Classic Motorsports Road Tours check all those boxes–and more.

Is Geoff Hacker the king of ‘50s fiberglass specials? | Coming soon

Meet the man on a mission to collect and restore every fiberglass special from the '50s he can find.

Unique Selective Edition International Harvester Scout II | Car Catcher

What makes this Selective Edition Scout II special? Lots of exclusive gold accents over a sea of brown.

1966 Cooper S with an adjustable suspension | Car Catcher

This 1966 Austin Cooper S comes equipped with an adjustable suspension setup as well as “British Leyland 649 Special Tuning Works Department camshafts.”

C3 Chevrolet Corvette L89 race car | Car Catcher

This '68 C3 Corvette L89 comes with a well-documented race history–in England.

Is this Proteus the next best thing to a genuine Jaguar C-Type? | Car Catcher

Considering that a genuine C-Type can cost upwards of $6 million, this Proteus seems like an acceptable compromise.

Which Porsche should you buy next? | Coming soon

Almost every Porsche is valuable these days, but which ones will be extra desirable in the coming years?

A one-of-three Huron 4A prototype racer | Car Catcher

The perfect vintage race car? It might be this rare Huron 4A.

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