“Sanction Lost,” a recreation of a custom Porsche 356 Carrera Zagato Speedster racer | Car Catcher

After the custom Porshce 356 Speedster built for Claude Storez was lost to history, Zagato built this exacting replica for one discerning customer.

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Lotus 23B with well-documented racing history | Car Catcher

If you wanted to win races in the '60s, your best bet was a Lotus like this 1964 23B.

Black-on-black Series 3 Lotus Elise | Car Catcher

A blacked-out version of the one-year-only Series 3 Lotus Elise.

A 1275cc Cooper S with Special Tuning Works Department camshaft | Car Catcher

This '67 Cooper S is said to be one of the 636 examples exported to the United States with the 1275cc engine, and comes equipped with Special Tuning Works Department …

Porsche 356B T5 Super with factory sunroof | Car Catcher

This earlier 356B comes equipped with the optional factory power sunroof.

Rosso Rubino Ferrari 308 GTSi | Car Catcher

Just before the introduction of the Quattrovalvole, Ferrari produced a fuel-injected version of the 308 GTB and GTS, the GTBi/GTSi.

Ferrarina TR250 child's car once owned by the Rockefeller Family | Car Catcher

Not a full-sized Ferrari, but a Ferrari-produced child's car known as a Ferrarina.

Fully loaded Lotus Elise | Car Catcher

An Elise equipped with the Track, Premium, Sport and Touring Packages.

The factory-built racing version of the Elan, the Lotus 26R | Car Catcher

This 26R comes with a documented racing history at tracks like Brands Hatch, Road America, Laguna Seca and many more.

FIA 289 Cobra Continuation Car | Car Catcher

This Cobra, CSX7995, is one of the continuation cars built as part of the 50th anniversary of the FIA 289 Cobra.

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