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Ultra-low mileage Shelby Cobra 289 Continuation Car | Car Catcher

A Cobra FIA 289 continuation car with only 61 miles on the odometer.

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An original Cooper S with factory go-fast parts | Car Catcher

A Cooper S equipped with British Leyland Special Tuning Works Department camshafts.

Unique Selective Edition International Harvester Scout II | Car Catcher

What makes this Selective Edition Scout II special? Lots of exclusive gold accents over a sea of brown.

1966 Cooper S with an adjustable suspension | Car Catcher

This 1966 Austin Cooper S comes equipped with an adjustable suspension setup as well as “British Leyland 649 Special Tuning Works Department camshafts.”

Modified Austin Cooper S | Car Catcher

This '66 Cooper S had its 1275cc engine bored out to 1380cc—plus more modifications, including an upgraded suspension.

A Limited-Edition Mustang California Special | Car Catcher

Although production for 5000 Mustang GT/CS "California Specails" were planned, only 3200 were said to have been built.

Get the Shelby 289 Cobra experience for less: Superformance MKII Slab Side | Car Catcher

Get an authentic Cobra experience without the authentic price tag with this Superformance MKII Slab Side.

A VW Beetle ready to drive or restore | Car Catcher

Said to have been refurbished “about 10 years ago,” this Beetle could be the perfect first classic or an easier restoration project.

A 1275cc Cooper S with Special Tuning Works Department camshaft | Car Catcher

This '67 Cooper S is said to be one of the 636 examples exported to the United States with the 1275cc engine, and comes equipped with Special Tuning Works Department …

FIA 289 Cobra Continuation Car | Car Catcher

This Cobra, CSX7995, is one of the continuation cars built as part of the 50th anniversary of the FIA 289 Cobra.

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