The Amelia: New faces, new name, new attitude

Photography by Chris Tropea; Lead by Tom Suddard

The big question going into this year’s The Amelia, the concours formerly known as the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance: Would Hagerty’s takeover ruin the event?

Would the event lose its charm, its personality, its direction?

The event took place March 6, 2022, and all signs points towards no. Despite new branding, new owners and some new format, The Amelia still felt like an old friend. If anything, it’s just moved into some new digs.

One big thing we noticed: Seemed like a lot of the older judges have been replaced with new faces–like Porsche collector Magnus Walker and rock star John Oates. Big crowds, too.

This year’s field also recognized Japanese milestones as well as modern supercars, yet the Show Concours d’Elegance Trophy went to something rather established: a 1934 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe with engine code J-531, one of the last cars produced by the brand. Yet the Concours de Sport Trophy went to a 2017 Cadillac DPi-V.R., the overall winner at IMSA’s 2018 Petit Le Mans.

Winner, Show Concours d’Elegance Trophy: 1934 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe with engine code J-531

Winner, Concours de Sport Trophy: 2017 Cadillac DPi-V.R.

Overall, Hagerty did not ruin the event,” says Classic Motorsports Publisher Tim Suddard. “There were some growing pains, but overall, they did a pretty good job despite making a myriad of changes the first year.

The idea of putting Lemons and Radwood on the field together at the Ritz was a total success,” he continues, “although some grumbled that they couldn’t get their cars into the now smaller Cars & Caffeine.”

And Bill Warner, who created the event and ran it up until selling to Hagerty last year? “I talked to Bill Warner,” Suddard continues, “who showed a car, and he was the most relaxed I had ever seen him at the show."

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rdstr New Reader
3/7/22 10:51 a.m.

Your article could have at least shown a pic of J-531 the Walker bodied conv cpe

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
3/8/22 11:18 a.m.

In reply to rdstr :

We wanted to get this information out to our readers as quickly as we could, and, in this case, that meant adding more pictures after the item was posted. You should be able see the 1934 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe with engine code J-531 in the text now.

Thank you for your understanding.

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