The best of the worst Monterey has to offer | Concours d’Lemons

Ferraris are commonplace at Monterey Car Week, but this year's Concours d'Lemons featured a different sort of prancing horse.

This year’s Worst of Show was a Trojan horse of sorts: Daniel Shanahan brought a mechanical horse based on a 1958 Volkswagen. Featuring eyes made from VW roundels, it was built decades ago by a VW dealer.

The crazy contraption was built so that the rider sits in the saddle, steers with the bridle and brakes with the stirrups.

The horse was difficult to control and prone to unintentional wheelies, so Dennis limped to the winner’s circle with the help of a volunteer who sat on the front end to keep it from falling over backward.

Embodying the spirit of the Concours d’ Lemons, Dennis sold the mechanical animal at the show, donating all of the proceeds–including the $750 eBay Motors gift card given to the Worst of Show winner–to a cancer research charity.

The rest of the event was filled with cars that were nearly as zany, including a Corvair limousine and a late-'40s Chevy truck turned into a barbecue grilling machine.

Inexplicably sponsored by Hagerty, Classic Motorsports and eBay Motors, the Concours d'Lemons has truly become one of the best events during Monterey Car Week, attended by thousands of eager fans who stayed to the very end for the awards presentation.

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