Car Catcher: Race-Ready Ford Capri

Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the stance, but we’d swear there’s a touch of Penske in this one. According to the eBay listing, this 1973 Ford Capri has undergone a complete rotisserie restoration while being turned into a vintage IMSA GTU racer.  Find it here on ebay motors.

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wspohn Dork
11/14/19 11:16 a.m.

Cool car, but the one that always turned my crank was the Group 5 Zakspeed Cari with the 4 cylinder that put out 460 bhp from a 1.4 engine (up around 600 later on with 1.7 dispacement). What a beast!

slowbird Dork
11/14/19 2:25 p.m.

Looks cool, I think I would change the livery though. Perhaps a nice yellow...

jimbbski SuperDork
11/14/19 9:18 p.m.

This car has been posted  in the SVRA magazine, on BAT, and at least one other auction site that's not Ebay.

It never met the reserve the seller set.  And to be honest while the car does show the value I just think that the car is

way over built for vintage racing in any of the reconized classes.

I am a multi Capri owner (not currently) and know two Capris that vintage race.

One is a U2.5L ex-Trans Am car and the other is a Ford Works RS2800 Capri with the 2.8L Westlake headed engine.

This one has the look for the most part although as had been pointed out the rear tail lights are WRONG and the rear spoiler should be the RS 3100 style.


I'm currently working on a 1974 street Capri. When done it will sport a Euro 2.8L V6 W/ a 5 speed trans.



jimbbski SuperDork
11/17/19 10:21 a.m.

Yes, one is Ira's, but Ross's Capri is now owned by Norm who owns "Team Blitz". He raced it the first time at the Mid Ohio SVRA vintage event back in June.

And yes Ross's "old" Capri is something special. I was at Watkins Glen  back in 2012 when Ross had contact with a spinning car and suffered some damage. Norm

and I patched up the body work so Ross could run in the race later that day. Ross later told me that he may retire the Capri after that and since then I've  only seen

him run his Cosworth  powered Escort RS, which is also special!

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