Car Catcher: This Nissan Cherry Europe GTi Is a Perfect Conversation Piece

If you love to talk about esoteric cars at dinner parties, then this is the car for you. This 1984 Nissan Cherry Europe GTi marks an almost bizarre time in the early 1980s when Alfa Romeo joined forces with Nissan to create an Alfasud replacement. There was just a slight hiccup: Alfa thought the newly developed Arna was too downmarket for the United Kingdom, so instead, British buyers got the Cherry Europe to sell alongside Nissan Cherrys. Eventually Alfa acquiesced at the behest of its dealer network and began importing the Arna. The Europe GTi is outlier; it's different from its Cherry stable mates in many respects. Power for the GTi comes from an Alfa-made, 1.5-liter flat-four, which produces just under 100 horsepower. The GTi also features unique green and black interior. Not many survive, making this Cherry Europe GTi (with a non-stock Alfa grille) both rare and unique. Find it on offer at Bonham's MPH auction in England November 26.

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nutherjrfan UberDork
11/11/19 11:21 a.m.

ooh love the green.  I posted an Alfa/Nissan collaboration recently in 'stop hotlinking pics' thread.  Not sure if it was the exact same model.

I had to make do with a Sunny like this one but in silver.  Still have it I think back home.


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