Car Catcher: Not a 2002 tii but a BMW 2002 ti

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This BMW 2002 is a bit of a rarity. It isn’t a standard model, nor is the injected tii or Turbo. Significant Cars is offering this 1972 BMW 2002 ti, a variant sold with dual carburetors–although this one now wears a single-carb setup.

It could use new carpets and the engine bay gone over and if I kept it I would definitely add a dual carb set up again,” the listing states. “Since I have had it I installed a new battery, completely rebuilt the brake system, of course did a complete fluid change, installed new tires, and got rid of the fake exhaust tip.”

The car runs well and can be driven with confidence,” the listing continues. “I wish I could say its completely rust free-but its pretty close! There is some rust on the front spoiler under the radiator-which is easy enough to fix. That's all I have found -the floors, trunk, shock towers, and rockers are very nice and free of corrosion.”

Price is listed as $19,500 obo


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sir_mike New Reader
11/25/20 6:56 p.m.

So what happened to the dual carb setup it came with???

wspohn Dork
11/26/20 12:56 p.m.

And what were they replaced with - hopefully not one of those horrid Weber DGVs....

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