Charge Faster, Charge Smarter

Do you know how fully your car battery is charged right now? CTEK offers quality battery care products with the sole intention of keeping batteries in tip top shape with a simple and intuitive user interface.

We got our hands on the new MXS 5.0 charger. Their site tells us that this unit features “a unique combination of advanced charging modes and makes the new MXS 5.0 the fastest, most effective and versatile consumer charger CTEK has ever made.” 

There is only one button on the device, and that’s all it needs. We were able to cycle through modes including a setting for motorcycle battery cells, one designed specifically for AGM batteries, and a useful setting for reconditioning batteries that may have a very low charge. In short, it does it all. When placed inside a CTEK bumper, the MXS 5.0’s IP65 casing is resistant to water, dust, shock and many other garage-borne threats. 

Many of us have more than one vehicle, too, so how can you be sure that the batteries in all of your vehicles are in good health? To easily check the battery status remotely, we connected a CTEK CTX Battery Sense Bluetooth monitor as the battery in question was being reconditioned.

This handy accessory allows you to set up a profile for any vehicle you attach it to, showing a graph over time of your battery’s charge percentage. It also includes a temperature monitor, and live voltage reading through their CTEK Sense standalone smartphone app. If you happen to leave the lights on while away from your vehicle, the app can even alert you that the battery voltage has dropped significantly.

In practical applications, we were able to charge a weak battery with a reconditioning cycle. Once connected the CTX Battery Sense monitor reflected live progress and easy peace of mind before going for a drive.


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