Classic Motorsports Car Catcher: MG TD Competition

It may be more of a project than anything else, but this 1953 MG TD is the most affordable TD currently available from Beverly Hills Car Club. It also happens to be the competition model, which came with a slightly higher compression engine.

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AaronBalto Reader
8/10/17 11:21 a.m.

I don't know how cheap this might actually turn out to be. Remember, these cars have a lot of wood under the skin. Rust is one thing, but rot is something that most people don't really want to deal with. When I bought my TD, I shopped in the desert Southwest and ended up with a black '53 in original paint that had lived its whole life in CA, CO, and AZ. Nice and dry and solid.

I enjoy the car, but I'm thinning my collection. (Goodbye NSX, Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, and MG-TD...) For ~$15k I'd consider it a bargain vs. this "Beverly Hills" thing.

frenchyd HalfDork
8/15/17 12:57 a.m.

In reply to AaronBalto:

If you look at the wood from the bottom side picture it has no signs of rot.. The picture of the open door shows no sign of sagging which would be a clear indicator of wood rot.. Further the back corner of the door opening shows the typical damage seen when a good solid door slams into the soft lead work the factory does. That is an indicator the pins are slightly worn (which would be completely normal in 90,000 miles) but the screws show no indication of having been removed to readjust the door.. Further door gaps look to be near original indicating the body is nice and solid..

On the other hand I don't see the Andrex shocks which are a major part of the "competition" model nor do I see the indicators that means it has the bigger valve head.. In fact it appears the head has at some point been off and possibly replaced. Finally Those don't appear to be the 1 & 1/2 inch SU's the competition model is supposed to be equipped with..

While some TD's were equipped at the factory with chrome headlight buckets depending on model number painted ones could be correct although most 1953's did have chrome headlight buckets.

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