Coming this July: the first-ever Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville

Jacksonville Car Culture—host of Jacksonville Cars & Coffee—and Caffeine and Octane–the brand behind the Dunwoody, Georgia, car show and NBC Sports Network television program of the same name—have joined forces to launch the first-ever Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville.

The inaugural event is set for July 10 of this year, from 8–11 a.m. at the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, Florida. This marks a relaunch of Jacksonville's monthly meetups.  

What will the new event look and feel like? The release explains that “like Caffeine and Octane’s July 2021 gathering in Metro Atlanta, this event will celebrate local and national military vehicles with a dedicated parking and display area.” Plus, Caffeine and Octane's CEO and producer, Bruce Piefke, plans to “make sure we don’t lose what has made Jacksonville Car Culture’s events great.”

It is an exciting time for Northeast Florida’s automotive community,” says Chris Brewer, First Coast Car Culture founder. “July’s show feels like a long-awaited family reunion.”

The release also mentions that the team responsible for the Cars and Octane TV program “will occasionally attend future Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville events to capture those stories and create vibrant content.”

For more information about the upcoming Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville event, visit

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alfabeach New Reader
6/17/21 11:26 a.m.

My Alfa will be there.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/23/21 9:37 a.m.
alfabeach said:

My Alfa will be there.

I need to get there myself. 

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