Day 5: Traversing over 400 miles of Nevada desert | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval

Part 5 of Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval.

Sight unseen, we bought a 1952 Morgan on the other side of the country. Now the fun part: Tim and Margie Suddard get to retrieve it.

Today would be perhaps our toughest day. We chose to stay off the interstates and instead traverse the desolate state of Nevada. For the double whammy, we also decided to cut through the state from north to south. While ill-advised in a 20-year-old vehicle we knew very little about, we decided to risk it, carrying little more than couple of gallons of water and hope for a good outcome.

Expecting viciously hot weather, we were surprised with how temperatures dipped from the mid-80s when we started the day into the 60s when we hit rain just an hour into the drive. The rain soon subsided, and we wound our way through Tonopah and then to the Little Áléinn in Rachel. The food was decent, and the kookiness of the Area 51 theme was kind of fun—certainly different from what we had seen so far.

From there we moved toward Caliente, and things became less desertlike as Joshua trees and then other flora began to sprout.

Surprisingly, we encountered no hiccups and the Suburban kept rolling along at about 70 mph, with the Aerovault trailer following as if it were on rails despite the rather windy desert conditions.

The rugged beauty of Nevada cannot really be explained, and photos do not do it justice. It is just too big to be captured and needs to be seen in person. We were driving on Friday of the July 4th weekend and seldom saw another car for 50 miles at a time. How many other travelers across America that weekend could say that?

As we hit the Utah border, the time change had us running an hour late. Still, we traversed the most desolate 408 miles in the U.S. with no issues and were having dinner at a very good steakhouse before 7 p.m.

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dougie HalfDork
7/8/21 8:26 p.m.

There was no doubt that Pete Brock would designed something that out perform the competition.

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