Day 8: Heading through Texas, including the morass that is Dallas traffic | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval

Part 8 of Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval.

Sight unseen, we bought a 1952 Morgan on the other side of the country. Now the fun part: Tim and Margie Suddard get to retrieve it.

Northern California is a bit of a haul from our Central Florida destination. By day eight, we were a bit tired of the road and determined to get home.

We had fetched our barn-find Morgan and had experienced enough bad food and bad service. Our intent was to spend most of our time out West and not doddle back East, where we had been many times before.

So we got up early and left Borger, Texas, north of Amarillo, to head southeast for Dallas. Last time we traveled through the Panhandle to Dallas, it was all small towns and two-lane roads. While there is still some poverty in this area, Route 287 is now paved and seems to be in great shape. The towns along the way seem a bit more prosperous, too.

We originally planned to stay away from the traffic snarl that is Dallas. In a weak moment, to save an hour, we decided to blast right through in the middle of the day. 

Bad idea.

The traffic quickly closed in, and we bailed for smaller roads and immediately hit some of the worst rain of the trip. We slowly worked our way east toward Tyler and into Louisiana before stopping for the night.

In our last couple of hours on the road that day, we came across a horrific wreck that reminded us that a road trip can be dangerous. We saw the most accidents right after torrential rains. We see so many bald tires out on the roads of America that maybe there’s a link between crashes and rain. Our borrowed, 20-year-old Suburban kept chugging along, not even flinching at the Aerovault trailer behind it.

We stopped in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and were rewarded with the best Mexican food—plus a margarita that made up for the horrible one served to us the night before.

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Bardan New Reader
7/16/21 10:51 a.m.

Just got done with a lap of Texas and with the 2 exceptions of Austin and Dallas, it was a fun drive. Lots to see with all the little towns and friendly people. BTW if you are ever in the panhandle, stop in Shamrock Tx. and check out the Conoco station. It's the perfect nostalgia gas station.

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